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Investing in America's future

A market-leading boutique investment firm, De Angelis & Associates is focused on aerospace, defense, infrastructure security, and cybersecurity. We align our investments with organizations who share our founding goal: creating a more secure country through moral business practices.





Drawing upon nearly two decades of experience in ethical investments, private equity and risk management, De Angelis & Associates is a dynamic and continually expanding company headquartered in New York, NY.


Given its extensive background and skill set in the security sector, De Angelis & Associates merges financial expertise with its understanding of the complex landscape and the industry participants poised for growth.


As a niche ethical investment firm, the company focus sectors include the aerospace, defense, infrastructure security and cybersecurity market by partnering with organizations that share its founding goal of making the United States a safer place through moral business practices.




 Strategy and Services

Our Services
Investment Stratregy

With strict investment criteria, De Angelis & Associates partners only with ethical companies uniquely focused on products and services that protect people, infrastructure, assets and information. We believe every portfolio position should be a reliable, high-growth company with proven ethical leadership.

Risk Management

Investments come with great opportunities, but also with great risks. De Angelis & Associates helps clients understand potential threats with an objective assessment evaluating potential weaknesses. Clients receive a comprehensive and implementable response plan on how to best manage vulnerabilities that can negatively impact assets.

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We truly believe in the future and values of our nation but also know that freedom and democracy are not free. With a large and diversified portfolio of ethical investments, De Angelis & Associates is proud to support some of the top high-growth, mission-driven defense, and security-focused companies of the United States of America.

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