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Business Operational Intelligence Can Make Your Business Thrive

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Every new business agreement and every new market entry, in all the corners of the world, can hide various risks. Political, reputational and regulatory risks can disrupt supposedly successful business agreements. Before you enter a new market or you want to tie up with a new and unknown partner, you need a thorough background check, understanding if your future partner is clean and his reputation solid. Important is also to understand what is the state-of-the-art of his/her dealings with politics and politically exposed people.

We have a global reach of associates and experts that can guide you through your business journey, advising you and your management about the risks posed by different social, economic and political environments. Associates that are regional expertise, a massive network within policymakers, businessmen and regulators that can drive your choice. We leave desk-based research for other consultancies: when we advise you, is because we have gathered intelligence directly on the field, not on web engines.

If by mistake you didn’t process with thorough due diligence and political risk analysis, you may end up in tedious litigations, where intelligence-gathering of your opponent can be crucial to win the litigation, preserving your assets and, more importantly, your reputation. Gridlocked litigations can be solved by accurate and actionable intelligence, uncovering hidden rationales behind your adversary’s actions.

Your opponent maybe is building up a smear campaign against you or is using political connections to push you out of the game, or he just wants to tear down your business on his/her advantage. A hidden piece of information can decide the success or failure of a business.

Our vast range of contacts allows us to timely understand every hidden rationale, helping your business to thrive again. The intelligence gathering is carried on with discretion.

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