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Non-Blue Chip AI Stocks: 5 Best Bets

Artificial intelligence stocks have spiked interest among investors from varied businesses. With major organizations already providing AI stocks, smaller and newer companies are also venturing into this area. The reason AI is picking up among the stockholder circles is because of the advantages it offers. It has progressed sharply from what it used to be in the earlier days and is simplifying businesses. Be it autonomous driving or smart electronic gadgets, there have been more ups than downs in the AI sector on the whole.

When it comes to a solid investment through stocks and shares, investors mostly rely on blue-chip stocks in the long run. This is because blue-chip stocks tend to fluctuate less in the market and provide stable gains. Unlike traditional stocks, the dividend is high if the companies are financially growing well. However, on the downside, they are expensive and generally yield lower returns.

In this article, we outline top non-blue chip stocks in AI that are worth investing at the end of the day.

1. Yext (NYSE: YEXT)

Yext is a US-based tech company that provides digital media services. Headquartered in New York City, Yext helps businesses initiate face-to-face and digital interactions with customers, along with offering advertising and business listing services. Their knowledge engine platform helps manage digital information in the cloud and is capable of syncing with other tech services.

Publicly listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Yext’s plans for an all-round AI implementation (such as voice search) in its services makes it an ideal non-blue chip stock to invest in.

2. Cray Inc.(NASDAQ: CRAY)

The likes of Nvidia and Intel are at the forefront of AI right now. It is not wrong to say that hardware companies such as Cray have not fallen behind. Cray is a US-based supercomputer manufacturer located in Seattle. Apart from bringing advanced supercomputers to market, Cray also offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance computing (HPC) storage, data analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions.

The company’s core focus has lately oriented towards machine learning in its supercomputer domain. Be it weather prediction or autonomous driving, ML tools and techniques are slowly being implemented in their systems.

3. Veritone (NASDAQ: VERI)

Veritone is a tech company that uses Amazon’s AWS to provide cloud computing and analytics solutions to a variety of businesses such as media, legal, compliance and even the US government. Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Chad Steelberg, this company is based out of California and operates in five other locations across the US.

Veritone’s platform combines a host of tech called ‘cognitive engines’ and a suite of proprietary applications to derive insights from sources such as radio and TV broadcasts, surveillance footage, and public/private content globally.

4. MYnd Analytics (NASDAQ: MYND)

Formerly known as CNS Response Inc., MYnd Analytics is a predictive analytics firm based in the US.  Established in 1987, MYnd offers analytics tools for clinicians and researchers specializing in psychiatry. With a rigorous focus on mental health problems, MYnd aims to speed the medication process for mentally-ill patients through the latest tech. Being a cloud-based company, it has lately ventured towards AI-based implementations in neurophysiology and related fields.


SRAX, also called Social Reality Inc., is an ad tech company headquartered in Los Angeles, US. It provides digital marketing tools for various marketing channels. The company mainly uses AI and ML related tech to power its tools and products. Started in 2010, SRAX’s core focus is to enable brands and agencies to make the best out of their marketing campaigns through technology.

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