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Using Employee Activity Monitoring as a Powerful Strategy for Risk Management

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Businesses do not establish overnight but can get ruined overnight. It is a proven fact that employees play a vital role in flourishing or ruining any business. In fact, their efficiency, dedication, and credibility decide how far any business can carry on providing best services or products. There are various risks associated with any business; intellectual property theft, fraudulent activities, legal liabilities and sudden downfall in productivity are some of them.

Risk management strategies are the best weapon to contend against such unforeseen situations. But the question comes that how to make risk management strategies for avoiding and dealing with above-mentioned risks? It is necessary to find out reasons for cropping up such problems. Here are some identified reasons:

- Abuse of internet resources: Since internet has become an essential component of every business process, all employees possess the privilege to use internet for performing various tasks. Unfortunately, most of the employees misuse this privilege and use internet for personal work, chatting, shopping, playing games, and other unnecessary things. Now, it is not very hard to understand that how productivity of any business decreases.

- Transfer of files: The biggest reason behind information theft is file transfer through personal emails. Business information, whether it is leaked intentionally or accidentally, can affect the business reputation and growth very badly.

- Employee access to sensitive data: In most of the companies, employees have access to sensitive personal information. Employees often misuse this information or sell it to a third party. Such fraudulent activities not only affect the reputation of the organization but also cause loss of customer reliance.

- Illegal activities Unfortunately, jurisdictions consider employers equally accountable and liable for illegal actions of their employees. In situations when an employee is found guilty of any illegal activity at workplace, businesses suffer a lot, as the case is directly filed against the company.

All these reasons are quite legitimate to closely monitor what your employee are doing on their computers. Business risk management experts always emphasize on preventative measures, so that risks can be avoided in most of the cases. Employee Desktop Live Viewer software is the most reliable tool that any business can use to foresee and avoid the business risks associated with the unwanted employee activities.

Advantages of desktop monitoring

Desktop monitoring is to ensure that the official working hours are used fairly, and the intended task is completed on time. Here is a list of benefits which you will have thorough computer monitoring software.

1. Identifying the fault lines: By monitoring your employees, you may be able to see what is going wrong in the workflow and where you should put your fingers. These fault lines may be excessive use of personal emails, social media networking sites, visiting e-commerce websites, etc. After Identifying the fault lines, you can think of the preventive measures.

2. Analyzing the potential growth areas: Apart from understating the negative points, monitoring also brings a chance to bring positive changes in the organization. By monitoring, you may gain an insight into the things which can be used for potential growth. For example, you can divide the daily tasks on an hourly basis so that the employee keeps himself busy in completing the task in allotted time.

3. Optimize the workforce: Constant monitoring gives you ample amount of data in the form of videos (of employee’s activity). Using these videos, you may be able to know how an employee completes his tasks and the time he takes. You can optimize your workforce by assigning the relevant kind of jobs to the employees or training them for new skills.

4. Prepare for worst case scenario: Monitoring is a proactive activity which saves you from any worst-case scenario. If an employee is leaking your business data, knowingly or unknowingly, you can stop it immediately. There are some advanced options to lock, restart, or log off computer remotely.


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